Painting with Acrylics, tips and techniques

Painting with Acrylics, tips and techniques

Ref: 12155

Paperback by Arnold Lowrey


Size 216 x 292 mm approximately

Illustrations: 230

Pages: 96

Arnold Lowrey presents a lively, inspirational introduction to acrylics which illustrates the versatility and beauty of this wonderful medium. Acrylic paint is easy to use, it dries quickly and many different effects can be created from washes and glazes to exciting textural finishes. It is an ideal medium for anyone starting to paint, but it also offers challenges to the more experienced artist because of its quick drying properties and versatility. Watercolour and oil painting techniques can be used, either on their own, or combined to create paintings full of depth, mood and atmosphere, and there is the added benefit that the paints are watersoluble. Using over 100 step-by-step photographs in a sequence of simple demonstrations, Arnold shows how to paint landscapes, seascapes and buildings, and he also illustrates how to change daylight into night and sunlight into mist using transparent glazing effects. With his help you can create sparkling pictures full of life, atmosphere and depth.

Manufacturer: Search Press

Ref 12155

ISBN 13/EAN: 9781844480104

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