Antique Gold Gilding liquid 30 ml

Antique Gold Gilding liquid 30 ml

Ref: 12451

Gilding Liquids are metal powder suspended in a transparent varnish. Fine and precious, brushed on gilding gives a refined touch to your decorative objects

Recommended especially for finishing. Apply Gédéo’s gilding paste using a brush on the clean and dry object (wood, plaster, glass, metal, cardboard ...). Let stand for 15 minutes.Then put the gilding leaf on the object and brush it gently with a very soft brush. According to the shape of the surface, work with the leaf pieces.Then polish with a cotton cloth. If spots are left on the object, repeat the process over. Protect the work of the oxidation with a varnish. Apply by brushing on, the aging patina on the gilded object. Immediately wipe off the reliefs to show the brilliance of the gilding leaves, the aging patina can reproduce the warm tone and deep patina effect of time.

Manufacturer: Pebeo Deco


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