Screen Drawing Fluid System 3  75ml   Half Price

Screen Drawing Fluid System 3 75ml Half Price

Ref: 12808

Used to create images onto print ready screen printing screens, System 3 Screen Drawing Fluid is a blue liquid medium which can be applied by brush directly to the screen to create a drawn image. Screen Drawing fluid can be applied neat or diluted with water to create areas of finer detail. Once dry, the entire screen surface should then be blocked out with System 3 Removable Screen Block, which is applied with a squeegee. When the removable screen block is dry, the drawn image can be washed out with cold water to leave an open-mesh positive image ready for printing. The screen can then be washed out when finished with very warm water and undiluted soap to clean the screen block off entirely.

Manufacturer : Daler Rowney


  Price: 2.48 (Including VAT at 20%)