Iron Gall Ink   30ml

Iron Gall Ink 30ml

Ref: 13044

Contents :

1 x 30 ml ( 1 fl oz.)

Blots Iron Gall Ink is carefully blended to a medieval recipe. It flows off the pen exceptionally well and makes exquisite hairlines and sharp detail in a distinctive dark velvety blue/black. In a wide neck jar - for use with oblique pens.

Iron Gall Ink is quite thin, slightly gritty but flows well and produces exquisitely fine hairlines It appears grey at first but darkens to a velvety blue black on exposure to light and air. Blot’s Iron Gall Ink is carefully prepared with reference to Palatino’s recipe of AD1540 and is a rare opportunity to experience this medieval ink.

Manufacturer: Blots


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