Fabric Acrylic Fluid Medium Liquitex

Fabric Acrylic Fluid Medium Liquitex

Ref: 1313

118 ml

Attributes Enhances the workability of acrylic paint on fabric.
Controls bleeding of colors thinned with water.
Provides a smooth, consistent flow to Soft Body Concentrated Artist Color.

Reduces stiffness of dried acrylic paint on fabric.
Eliminates the need to scrub or abrade rough textured fabrics in order for paint to adhere to or penetrate into surface.
Does not require heat setting.

Application : Refer to the Techniques section on Fabric Painting.
Painting on Fabric

Begin by adding medium 1:1 with Liquitex® Soft Body Concentrated Artist Color. Test on fabric to see if you are getting good coverage without bleeding.
Color Blending on Fabric

Mix into acrylic colors to improve wet-on-wet blending techniques.
Medium can be added directly onto fabric to blend color.
Watercolor on Fabric

Use Fabric Medium 5:1 with Liquitex Soft Body Concentrated Artist Color to control color bleeding.

Excellent glue for collage , substrate size and canvas ground for acrylic paint.

Available Sizes

4 oz. jar.

Manufacturer : Liquitex

Ref 1313


  Price: 6.28 (Including VAT at 20%)