Ultra Matt Acrylic Fluid Medium Liquitex 237ml

Ultra Matt Acrylic Fluid Medium Liquitex 237ml

Ref: 1315

237 ml
Soft Body. Increases the volume of paint, while maintaining the opacity of the color it is mixed into.
Economically doubles the volume of Soft Body Artist Color by adding up to an equal amount (50%) of medium to color with little or no noticeable loss in opacity or change in hue.
Opacity of colors mixed with Ultra Matte Medium will be higher than if the color had been thinned to the same degree with any other medium except Modeling Paste.
The degree to which the color can be extended will vary among the different pigments.
When over 50% is added, Ultra Matte Medium can act as a weak tinting white, increasing the value of the original color approximately one level. Light colors will be affected less than dark colors.
Colors mixed with Ultra Matte Medium dry to a matte finish.

Refer to Techniques: Collage and Murals

Mix with opaque Soft Body Artist Color for a matte sheen and gouache (opaque watercolor) look.
These "gouache" colors are water resistant, flexible, lightfast and permanent when dry. Traditional gouache colors are not permanent and are susceptible to accidental re-wetting and must be well protected when finished.

Mix into Soft Body Artist Color for underpainting of murals to economically double the volume of paint. For top layers, use Lightfastness I colors without Ultra Matte Medium.
Running out of color during painting

Use when running out of a Soft Body Concentrated Artist Color mixture while painting. When you have reached the halfway point of painting a specific area, determine if you have enough paint to finish. If not, add an equal amount of Ultra Matte Medium to the color enabling you to finish painting without remixing. The color and opacity will be unchanged, but the color may lighten (higher value).

Mix into Soft Body Artist Color during initial underpainting to double amount of color. High pigment load and soft formula gives Soft Body Artist Color three times the coverage of Heavy Body Artist Color.

Manufacturer : Liquitex

Ref 1315

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