Gloss Gel Acrylic Medium Liquitex

Gloss Gel Acrylic Medium Liquitex

Ref: 1316

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Formerly Gel Medium

Attributes : Heavy Body.
Dries to a gloss finish.
Viscosity and body similar to Heavy Body Artist Color.
Translucent when wet, transparent (clear) to translucent when dry. Thicker applications result in less transparent dry medium films.
Ideal medium to mix with Heavy Body Acrylic Color to extend paint, increase the brilliance and transparency of color, without changing the thickness of the paint.
Mix with Heavy Body Artist Color to obtain paint similar in color depth to oil paint.

Application : Refer to Techniques: Acrylic Sheets, Collage, Glazing, Transferring Printed Images, Silk-screen, Brushwork - Blending, - Impasto.

As An Extender: Mix with Heavy Body Artist Color to extend volume and increase transparency, while maintaining paint viscosity.
Mix with Soft Body Concentrated Artist Color to extend volume and increase transparency, while increasing paint viscosity.

As A Ground: Use as transparent ground for acrylic paint instead of gesso. Allows substrate to be seen. To prevent Substrate Induced Discoloration, wash cotton or linen canvas before use. Refer to Matte Medium: Application - Ground for SID definition.
When applying Gloss Gel Medium to raw canvas, use adequate pressure to force the medium into the canvas weave to insure proper bonding between the gel and canvas.

Collage: Makes and excellent glue for collage and decoupage.
Powdered Pigments:

Use as the binder for powdered pigments to make an inexpensive "student grade" Heavy Body (thick) gloss paint or achieve unusual paint films. Pigment must be compatible with acrylic emulsion.

Available Sizes:

2 oz. and 4.65 oz. tubes, 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., and Gallon jars.

Manufacturer : Liquitex

Ref 1316

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