Matt Gel  Acrylic Medium 237ml Pot

Matt Gel Acrylic Medium 237ml Pot

Ref: 1317

Contents : 237 ml Jar

Attributes : Heavy Body.
Same qualities as Gloss Gel Medium, except dries translucent with a satin/matte finish.
Viscosity and body similar to Heavy Body Artist Color.
Matte Gel Medium has greater adhesion than Gloss Gel Medium and Gloss Heavy Gel Medium.
Translucent when wet, transparent when dry. Thicker applications result in less transparent dry medium films.
Mix with Heavy Body Artist Color to obtain paint similar in color depth to oil paint.
Color mix will dry to a satin sheen.

As An Extender : Mix with Heavy Body Artist Color to extend volume and increase translucency, while maintaining paint viscosity.
Mix with Soft Body Concentrated Artist Color to extend volume and increase translucency, while increasing paint viscosity.

As A Ground :Recommended as a translucent ground (size), for acrylic paint with excellent tooth and adhesion, instead of gesso. Will allow some color and texture of the support to show through. Use as a substitute size for the hide glue size traditionally used for oil paintings.
To prevent Substrate Induced Discoloration (SID), wash cotton or linen canvas before use.
Exterior Murals: If the support or wall is very rough, a coat of Matte Gel Medium should be brushed or toweled onto the surface prior to gesso application.
Refer to Gloss Gel Medium: Techniques - Ground for more detailed information.

For Impasto Effects : Mix with Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Color for impasto effects that dry to a matte sheen.
Collage: Makes and excellent glue for collage and decoupage.
With Powdered Pigments

Use as the binder for powdered pigments to make an inexpensive "student grade" Heavy Body (thick) matte paint. Pigment must be compatible with acrylic emulsion.
Available Sizes

4.65 oz. tubes, 8 oz.jar

Manufacturer : Liquitex

Ref 1317


  Price: 9.78 (Including VAT at 20%)