Retarder Slow Dry Gel  Acrylic Additive Effect 237 ml

Retarder Slow Dry Gel Acrylic Additive Effect 237 ml

Ref: 1320

237ml jar
Attributes : For all acrylic paints and mediums
Similar to Slow-Dri Fluid Retarder, except in gel (Heavy Body) thick consistency.
Gel consistency, designed to be used with Liquitex Heavy Body Artist Color and Heavy Body mediums.
May also be used with Liquitex Soft Body Concentrated Artist Color and Soft Body mediums, however thickness of paints or mediums will be increased.
Increases blending time

Directions : Do not mix more than 25% per volume into paint and mediums or paint may not fully dry, have poor adhesion and excessive shrinking.

Application : Refer to the Techniques: Brushwork: Blending (Wet into Wet), Fabric Painting: Blockprinting, Fabric Painting and Liquitex Products and Silkscreen Printing.
Liquitex Paint Additives are similar to acrylic mediums in that they are mixed into acrylic paint and mediums to change consistency, thickness, transparency, sheen, drying time and absorption rate. However, they are different in that they do not contain acrylic polymer emulsion and therefore have no binding qualities inherent in them. Only limited quantities (usually up to 25%) of any additive can be added into the color before harming the paint film.

Manufacturer : Liquitex

Ref 1320


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