Artists Materials Book by Emma Pearce

Artists Materials Book by Emma Pearce

Ref: 1354

Artists Materials Book by Emma Pearce


Size 225 x 163 mm

Pages 192

The Artist Materials book is described as 'The complete Sorcebook of methods and Media'.

Written by Emma Pearce this compact indespensible and practical guide for all experienced and aspiring artists.

Supported by Winsor and Newton and their materials and products this great book explains some of the myths about painitng and the materials that are available. It covers everythting from oil painting through to health and safety.

With an extensive index, this book provides artists with detailed, no-nonsense advice on how best to use, and get the most out of, the following materials and practices:
Oil painting
Acrylic painting
Encaustic painting
Tempera painting
Water colour and Gouache painting
Gesso grounds
Drawing materials
Colour mixing
Artists' brushes
Health and Safety-Storing, framing and care of artwork

Manufacturer: Winsor and Newton

Ref 1354

ISBN 0 572 03146 7

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