Pitt Artist Pastel Pencils Faber Castell tin 60

Pitt Artist Pastel Pencils Faber Castell tin 60

Ref: 1363


1 x Tin 60 artist pastel pencils

PITT pastel pencils have wax-free leads; drawings can be wiped just as with pastel crayons, so need to be fixed afterwards.

The 60 bright colours contain a high proportion of pigment; they are highly light-fast and do not change colour appreciably when fixed.

The compact pastel lead is perfect for hobby painters and professional artists, because it produces plenty of colour without being used up too fast.

Neat fine work with PITT pastel pencils

The wood-cased PITT pastel pencils are clean to handle.

The practical pencil form is easy to control, even for beginners to pastels.

PITT pastel pencils are particularly suitable for lines, hatching, and very fine colour transitions, but also for shading larger areas.

They are useful for sketches and studies, portraits, still lifes and landscapes.

Manufacturer: Faber Castell

Ref. 1363


  Price: 74.88 (Including VAT at 20%)