Lemon Yellow (Nick.Titan.) half pan for watercolour painting

Lemon Yellow (Nick.Titan.) half pan for watercolour painting

Ref: 1709

Permanence : AA Extremely Permanent


Granulating colour

Series 4

Winsor & Newton's high quality Watercolours use high performance pigments to ensure excellent strength and brilliance whilst single pigment formulations have been used wherever possible to ensure cleaner, brighter mixes.

There are 96 colours available in either:

Pans, half or whole, which are preferred by artists who paint outdoors and those using smaller quantities of paint.

Tubes, 5ml tubes and 14ml, which are favoured by artists who use larger quantities of colour.

Series 1 being the least expensive and series 4 the most.

Light fastness: AA is extremely permanent, A being Permanent and B is moderately durable

Opacity: T is Transparent and O is Opaque or semi-opaque.

Manufacturer: Winsor and Newton

Colour samples should be used as a guide only, due to the differences in computer monitor displays

  Price: 6.00 (Including VAT at 20%)