Winton Oil Colour Starter Set 10 x 37 ml tubes

Winton Oil Colour Starter Set 10 x 37 ml tubes

Ref: 4196

10 x 37ml / 0.27 U.S. fl.oz. Tubes

Cadmium Yellow Pale 8
Cadmium Red Deep 6
French Ultramarine 21
Phthalo Blue 30
Viridian Hue 43
Permanent Green 48
Yellow Ochre 44
Burnt Sienna 2
Ivory Black 24
Titanium White 40

Winton Oil Colours were developed to provide a traditional range of high quality oil paints at an affordable and uniform price. Designed for use by both amateur, student or more accomplished artists who require large volumes of colour within moderate cost limits. The range of 47 colours has a high level of pigmentation which provides excellent covering power. The colour range is chosen according to a mass tone, undertone, strength, and relative opacity. The resultant spectrum ensures the maximum number of colours can be mixed from the range. Winton Oils have a uniform consistency which retains brush and knife stroke textures. Winton colour range is 37ml tubes, selected colours in 200ml tubes, whites in 37ml, 60ml, and 200ml tubes.

Manufacturer: Winsor & Newton

Ref. 4196


  Price: 27.48 (Including VAT at 20%)