Winsor & Newton Gouache Primary Set

Winsor & Newton Gouache Primary Set

Ref: 3197

Contents :
6 x 14 ml tubes

Primary Yellow
Primary Red
Primary Blue
Permanent Green Middle
Ivory Black
Zinc White

Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache
A range of brilliant opaque water colours for designers, visualisers, illustrators and fine artists which can be combined with watercolours. Made from a high level of quality pigments and best grades of gums and wetting agents to produce even flow, exceptional tinting strengths and which give a matt finish, making them the most widely used range throughout the world. Can be used with brush, airbrush and ruling pen on most papers and board, can be mixed with other water colours to vary the opacity, and gives an even flow without streaking.

Manufacturer: Winsor & Newton

069 0174

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