Size glue for Metal Leaf 35ml Staedtler

Size glue for Metal Leaf 35ml Staedtler

Ref: 2907

1 x bottle 35 ml 11 / 4 fl oz.

Using a flat brush, apply a thin, even layer of size to the surface.
Leave to dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
Clean the brush in water.
Place the leaf metal on the still slightly sticky size, which is easier to do if you transfer the individual sheets of leaf metal onto a piece of cardboard as you take them out of the pack.
In the case of larger surfaces, arrange the sheets so that they overlap slightly.
After you have covered the entire surface, gently tamp the leaf metal down using a soft brush or cloth.
With a round brush, work the leaf metal into the surface using circular motions.
After leaving to dry for approx. 24 hours, apply a protective coat of shellac or FIMO varnish.

Keep away from light and frost

Content:Manufacturer: Staedtler

Ref. 2907


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