Shimmering Acrylic Colours Set

Shimmering Acrylic Colours Set

Ref: 3345

Contents: 5 x 75ml tube set containing four interferance colours, together with balck.

Available in six colours Gold,Copper,Violet,Red, Blue Green. Used straight from the tube and applied to a black surface they produce a magical shimmering self coloured metallic transparent lustre The most dramatic effects are on black where colour shows with electric intensity. The Interference Mediums can be mixed with other acrylic colours. The effect of mixing Interfence Mediums with colour is to produce a surface which changes depending upon the angle at which the light strikes. The medium changes the colour hue as well as the surface characteristics of the paint making paler translucent tints of the pure colour. The effect of Interfernce Mediums does not work well off light or white surfaces,and they are most suited to craft,decorative art and educational usage.

Daler~Rowney System 3 is a high quality versatile water based acrylic paint ideal for art, craft and design projects in colleges and schools. They are also ideal for the amateur and professional painter using colour in large quantities.

Only high quality pigments are used in the manufacture of System 3 Acrylics, with a greater loading than other colours in their class.

Manufacturer: Daler~Rowney

Ref. 3345

  Price: 33.88 (Including VAT at 20%)