Shimmering Gold Interference Acrylic Colour

Shimmering Gold Interference Acrylic Colour

Ref: 3495

1 x 75 ml tube
Used straight from the tube and applied to a black surface to give the most dramatic effect these colours produce a magical shimmering self coloured metallic transparent lustre with an electric intensity.
Shimmering colours can be mixed with other acrylic colours which then causes the light to be seen differently depending on the viewing angle.
The medium changes the colour hue as well as the surface characteristics making paler translucent tints of pure colour.
Available in Six Colours (75ml)- Shimmering Gold (709), Shimmering Copper (712), Shimmering Violet (710), Shimmering Red (713), Shimmering Blue (711), Shimmering Green (714).

Manufacturer : Daler Rowney

Ref 3495

128 075 709 710 711 712 713 714

  Price: 6.38 (Including VAT at 20%)