Impasto Gel Gloss Daler Rowney Acrylic Medium

Impasto Gel Gloss Daler Rowney Acrylic Medium

Ref: 3505

1 x 75 ml tube

Cryla Impasto Medium Matt is a white translucent heavy bodied gel which provides a cost effective means of covering large areas with impasto colour when mixed with pure acrylic colours it will dry to a glossier finish. Ideal for use with System 3, System 3D, Cryla and acrylic colours.
Opacity is only marginally reduced with considerable additions of medium to colour. Drying times will be slowed down, but not significantly. The marks of brush and knife will be retained with gel mixed just as with pure colour, and the same heavy bodied buttery texture is preserved.

Manufacturer : Daler Rowney

Ref 3504

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