Faber Castell PASTEL Polychromos Artist 36

Faber Castell PASTEL Polychromos Artist 36

Ref: 3596


1 x Faber Castell Polychromos Artist Pastel 36 assorted colours

POLYCHROMOS pastel open up an almost inexhaustible variety of colour. They contain a high proportion of light-fast quality pigments. These pastels have impressively bright colours and a fascinatingly silky "feel".

By building up successive layers of different shades, you can enhance the depth of your drawings.

The colours can also be merged to form particularly delicate transitions.

The characteristic square-cross section allows you to draw fine details with an edge, or shade extended areas with one face.

The crayons have a uniform consistency, are economical in use, and adhere excellently to paper, card, wood, and stone.

They need only a minimum amount of fixing for permanence.

Manufacturer: Faber Castell

Ref. 3596

FC 128536

  Price: 49.88 (Including VAT at 20%)