Colour Shaper Firm Grey Taper Point

Ref: 3639

Choose Size 0 - 2 - 6 - 10 - 16
Approximate ferule size: 0 - 3mm , 2 - 6mm , 6 - 9mm ,10 - 13mm
Firm Grey Taper Point

Apply and Carve paint, blend charcoal and pastel. Create clean linear strokes. Make broad forceful marks
Colour shapers are available in 5 sizes with 5 unique tip shapes offering excellent control of colour.
Cleaning is easy, for acrylics, water colours or drawing materials just dip the tip in water and wipe clean. With stubborn colours wipe the tip with alcohol or solvent. For oil-based paints and printing inks dip the tip in solvent and wipe clean.
Do not leave the shapers to soak in solvent.
Colour shapers have a unique silicone tip allowing and dried paint material to be simply peeled off, making them ideal for acrylic paints both for mixing the paints and for application in many varied ways
Colour Shaper perfect for applying masking fluid for watercolourists - no more ruined brushes and also for creating textured effects.
Glass painters will find colour shaper useful to carve decorative effects not possible with a conventional brush (firm grey tips sizes 2 & 6 are recommended) easily create clean sweeps.
For pastel drawing use soft tips to blend and smudge whilst the firm tips allow for more detailed work.
Each tip is available in 5 sizes: 0, 2, 6,10 and 16 and 3 types: ivory soft, grey firm and black extra firm (clay shapers).

Manufacturer: Colour Shaper

Ref. 3639

  Price: 3.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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