Reeves Sketching Pencil set 12

Reeves Sketching Pencil set 12

Ref: 3686

Contents :
12 x sketching pencils

1 x 4H
1 x 3H
1 x 2H
1 x H
1 x F
1 x HB
1 x B
1 x 2B
1 x 3B
1 x 4B
1 x 5B
1 x 6B

Does NOT contain rainforest wood

Reeves Sketching Pencils are a range of high quality graphite lead pencils, ideal for artistic drawing and sketching. The wide range of lead softness allows for a huge array of different shading effects and techniques. The strong leads will not easily break when sharpened and last longer under heavy marking and drawing pressure.

Manufacturer: Reeves

Ref. 3686


  Price: 5.58 (Including VAT at 20%)