Masquepen for Watercolour

Masquepen for Watercolour

Ref: 3755

The Masquepen, a reservoir of our own cool blue masking fluid, with built-in applicator has been a great success, popular with artists and craftspeople.

How many times have you asked "Why isn't there a better way to apply masking fluid?"
Well now there is. As a result of Lorna ruining her favourite brush - and then moaning that it was too difficult to apply masking fluid accurately, Len invented the Masquepen. The Masquepen consists of a polythene reservoir containing 30ml of our new pale blue masking fluid. The applicator has an 0.8mm nylon nib, making masking out of fine areas such as petals, masts, windows, rigging etc so much easier. For even finer work an optional 0.4mm nib the Super Nib is available.

Use masking fluid in ways not possible until now. Draw straight lines or curves, thick or thin lines, small dots, stamens, snowflakes, flowers. No mess, no waste. The pale blue water-based latex solution is easy to see and apply. It peels off easily and does not damage the paper. Can be used both under layers and on top of inks, watercolors and acrylic washes.
No more ruined paintbrushes. No more hunting for an applicator. The stainless steel prong in the cap seals the .8 mm nylon nib so the fluid won't dry out. Comes in a lightweight 30ml (1oz) non-breakable bottle so it goes anywhere you want to go.

Manufacturer : Masquepen

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