Artsphere workstation easel board A3

Artsphere workstation easel board A3

Ref: 3911

with new extra friction wooden ball for better locking

A brilliant new concept in easel design for artists, designers, hobbyists and crafters. The Artsphere table easel has a unique ball and socket joint that allows a detachable drawing board to move, swivel and rotate in any direction. Easy to operate and manoeuvre whilst working on, a chunky handle locks the board securely in place for hundreds of applications such as drawing, painting, modelling and sculpture.

This permits the work to be rotated, instead of having to work with the piece in a single 'upright' orientation. The rotation allows 'low angle' washes at different orientations, with the sky tilted so the water will flow 'right to left', suggesting clouds, and the ground tilted so the water will flow 'downward', suggesting 'distant to foreground'.

Ideal for use in your studio at home or in school, the Artsphere has a small base and a work surface area (450mm X 300mm) that can be positioned flat or portrait / landscape. You can also work independently with the drawing board when painting. Deeper pieces (maximum depth 30mm) such as canvas can be held to the board using the repositionable wedges.

The Artsphere table easel requires self-assembly, full instructions are provided inside this box.

Board dimensions 420 mm X 300 mm.

Manufacturer: Daler Rowney

Ref. 3911

802 000 023

  Price: 49.94 (Including VAT at 20%)