Adjustable set square 10

Adjustable set square 10" boxed Chartmate

Ref: 4208


1 x clear high impact acrylic transparent set square 10" with 12" arm

clear high impact acrylic transparent set squares with graduated inking edge with 304 stainless hinge

It can be used to draw any angles, completely replace the 30°, 60°, 45°, 90° triangles.

2.With metal edge on the hypotenuse, which provides cutting function. (AST-10F and AST-12F) While cutting, hold the knob in the center for easy operation.

3. Directly read Rise (Tangent) and Slope (Secant) Scale from the vernier indicator, and easily calculate the slope length and height.

Manufacturer: Chartmate


  Price: 18.88 (Including VAT at 20%)