Liquithick  Acrylic thickening Gel

Liquithick Acrylic thickening Gel

Ref: 4363

For all acrylic paints and mediums.
A thickening gel for water soluble acrylic paint and mediums.
Used in small amounts, produces handling characteristics very close to that of oil or encaustic paint.
At higher concentrations, can thicken paint or mediums to "cake" or sculptural consistency.
Drying time will be between 24 hours to 7 days depending upon amount of Liquithick added to paint or medium.
Liquithick does not increase transparency.
Liquithick produces a matte surface sheen when dry.
Paint and medium shrinkage will occur in proportion to the amount of Liquithick added.
Contains a unique polymer

Start by adding a very small amount of Liquithick to paint or medium and mix well with a palette knife. The proper proportion will vary with color and desired effect.
Proportions of 20 or 25 parts color to 1 part Liquithick will change the handling characteristics.
Continue adding Liquithick slowly until the desired viscosity is achieved.
Add only enough for desired effect and do not exceed 1 to 4 ratio as excessive shrinkage and cracking may occur.

Techniques: Brushwork - Impasto.
Liquitex Paint Additives are similar to acrylic mediums in that they are mixed into acrylic paint and mediums to change consistency, thickness, transparency, sheen, drying time and absorption rate. However, they are different in that they do not contain acrylic polymer emulsion and therefore have no binding qualities inherent in them.
Manufacturer : Liquitex

Ref 4363

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