Rotring Art Pen various widths

Rotring Art Pen various widths

Ref: 5704

Contents : The famous quality nibbed pens, fountain-pen style, presented in a box, complete with black ink cartridges. Non-waterproof ink.

Perfect for anyone interested in calligraphy, lettering or sketching. Highest quality Rotring Art Pen features a crafted stainless steel nib and can be filled from either bottled ink or ink cartridges. No dipping necessary! The long tapered barrel, ergonomic design and flexible nib make drawing with the Rotring Art Pen a true pleasure.

Calligraphy Art Pens
The classic calligraphy pen with a modern design and the smooth writing action of a fine fountain pen. Available in four straight nib widths. 1.1 - 1.5 - 1.9 and 2.3Straight Cut Nib A straight cut nib is the classical pen of the old scripts. The nib is cut blunt and bevel. While writing it shows swelling and ebbing lines.

Lettering Art Pens
Excellent ink flow simplify filling out or shading lettering strokes in virtually all the classical lettering styles. Available in three rounded nib widths. M - B and BB
Round Nib A round nib is the pen for all handwritings with a similar outline for all characters. Writings of this category are part of grotesque.

Sketching Art Pens
Flexible stainless steel nib produces lines of varying width by changing hand pressure through sweeping curves or short sketching strokes. Available in two rounded nib widths. EF and F
Sketch Nib A sketch nib is an exclusive within rotring. The ArtPen Sketch for very easy scribbling and writing.

Improve your Style: Face and Proportions of Characters

Types of same height produce an effect of different boldness, if they´re written with pens of different thickness. At the same time they change the proportions of positive / negative spaces inside the characters. The base rule for proportions / faces of types is center length 5x line thickness, top length 4x line thickness, bottom length 3x line thickness.

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. In it, different nibs and inks are combined to bring the lettering and content of a text into a coherent whole. With the ArtPen you can rediscover the sheer fun of writing - and not just in the big important things. Even if it’s just a postcard from the beach or a little thank-you note to the neighbours, the rotring ArtPen underscores what you mean to say and accentuates the emotion. As you write you anticipate the recipient’s enjoyment when he or she reads it. The ArtPen is of matt acrylic resin and has a hand-polished steel nib. Together with ArtPen Ink and Brillant Ink, it brings out the best in your handwriting.

Manufacturer: Rotring

Ref. 5704

  Price: 18.98 (Including VAT at 20%)