Pebeo Fabric Marker Pen felt tip , colours are guide only and scanned from a clothing image

Pebeo Fabric Marker Pen felt tip , colours are guide only and scanned from a clothing image

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Setacolor is a range of concentrated heat fixed colours for decorating all fabrics, fine or heavy: cotton, wool, velvet, non-woven and even leather. Ready to use, intense and concentrated or diluted with water to obtain watercolour effects. they are particularly vivid and bright, Setacolor colours can be used to paint, stain or print natural or synthetic fibers. After fixing with an iron, they are perfectly resistant to washing and dry cleaning and the fabric retains all of its suppleness.

Vivid and bright, the Setacolor Opaque colours have an exceptional covering power to decorate both dark or light coloured fabrics. Their rich texture is especially suited for brush work, stencil work and even silkscreen printing.

The new Setacolor Shimmering Opaque colours are particularly spectacular! Their rich and deep shades are glittering and have a subtle brightness with changing effects depending on the light. It is not recommended to dilute the shimmering colours in order to keep their brightness.

Thin with water. ( shimmer colour are best left undiluted to bring out their best shimmering quality.
Colour tones can be lightened with the special lightener without weakening or thinning the product.

clean the brushes with soapy water.

works on many surfaces: all types of fabrics : fine or thick, natural or synthetic fibers.

It is importat to wash material before applying colour to remove any dressing / starch.

Setacolour is suitable for screen printing by adding 2 to 5 % thickener.

air dry for 1 hour.

to fix there are two possibilities : with an iron (cotton position), for 5 minutes, on the reverse side of the fabric; in the oven, for 5 minutes at 150°C (300°F) (stabilized temperature) or a hair dryer.

to care for after fixing, the colours resist machine washing at 40°C (100°F) and dry cleaning.

Manufacturer: Pebeo

Ref 420

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