Pitt Monochrome tin of 21 pieces Save over 10.00

Pitt Monochrome tin of 21 pieces Save over £10.00

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1 x Tin 18 Items

Square cross-section, 83 mm long. Rich in pigments and very resistant to fading. Raw or burnt.

The classic artists' materials include the "natural" colours speia and sanguine, and of course charcoal. Crayons, charcoal and graphite sticks and pencils therefore form a natural introduction to the world of Art & Graphic, and are part fo the day-to-day toolkit of professional and amateur artists alike.
What all PITT MONOCHROME products have in common is the traditional consistent high standards of quality: light-fast colours and the special binding agent whicht ensures high pigment density. They are also a delight to use.
PITT MONOCHROME artists' pencils are ideal for drawing fine lines and details. A wide range of hardnesses allows a graduated depth which makes your drawings more three-dimensional. The pencils wiht wax leads are unusually smooth in use, and need no fixing. Their wood casing keeps the fingers clean, so avoiding smudges.
PITT MONOCHROME natural charcoal made from twigs is soft and very suitable for shading. The marks can be wiped and corrected easily.
Pressed charcoal comes in five grades from extra soft to extra hard. It leaves a dense black mark, ideal for heightening shadows and for clear delineation.
Manufacturer: Faber Castell


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