Primary Yellow 45 ml  save over 3

Primary Yellow 45 ml save over £3

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Setasilk is used as a traditional colour and used on all types of silk : twill, pongee, crêpe de chine, georgette, damask. Very easy to use, fixed by simply ironing, Setasilk colours can be used for all silk painting techniques:outlining, salt dusting, watercolour on dry or damp silk, crackling wax or drawing wax batik, mahaju... The Setasilk thinner can be used to lighten shades.

Thick textured water based Setasilk guttas, can be used for outlining. Pearlized, they are applied directly with a tube or an applicator bottle. They pass perfectly through the fiber of the fabric and stop Setasilk colours, which can be then applied. Once fixed with an iron, water based guttas resist washing except for the clear gutta, which is especially formulated to be removable by washing.

Setasilk is a pigmentary heat fixed colour for silk. Made up of finely dispersed pigments and resins which flow out of the silk. The 29 colours are vivid, intense and very bright, can be fixed by ironing. They mix harmoniously to offer a palette of rich and refined shades suitable for all traditional silk painting techniques.

Colours can be diluted with the Setasilk thinner.

To clean brush's, tools and other accessories use soapy water.

Can be used on all silk fabrics.

air dry in few minutes.

To fix use a hot iron for 3 to 4 minutes on the reverse side of the fabric.

To care for after fixing, the colours can be hand washed or dry cleaned 48 hours after fixing.

Manufacturer: Pebeo

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