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Lemon Yellow Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache 14ml tube

Lemon Yellow  Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache 14ml tube

Ref: 2362

W&N Designers' Gouache colours are a range of 90 brilliant opaque watercolours, so named because they were developed for and continue to be mainly used by designers, visualisers and illustrators. Gouache is also used by fine artists as an opaque watercolour in combination with Artists' Watercolour paints. Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache is accepted today as the finest quality range available, with a wide colour spectrum catered to both designers and fine artists. In addition, unsurpassed covering power is achieved by the high level of pigmentation and brilliance of colour from the use of pure pigments. In use, the colours' even flow produces flat washes without streaking and an exceptional tinting strength and which give a matt finish.
The versatility of designers Gouache means that it can be used with brush, airbrush and ruling pen on most types of paper and board. As the colours are water soluble, they can also be mixed with other water colours to produce further combinations of opacity and transparency.

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