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Screen Drawing Fluid System 3 75ml Half Price

Screen Drawing Fluid System 3  75ml   Half Price

Ref: 12808

Used to create images onto print ready screen printing screens. Blue System 3 Screen Drawing Fluid is applied by brush directly to the screen to create a drawn image. It can be applied neat but often requires some dilution with water in areas with finer detail. Once dry, the entire screen surface is blocked out with System 3 Removable Screen Block, which is applied with a squeegee. After drying, the drawn image is washed out in cold water to leave an open-mesh positive image ready for printing. After printing, screens can be reclaimed by softening up the block with very hot water then vigorously washing out the Screen Block with a suitable brush and a very strong soap solution such as undiluted washing-up liquid. Screen Block should be kept upright and stored at normal room temperature.

  Price: 2.48 (Including VAT at 20%)

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