Encaustic Art Set

Encaustic Art Set

Ref: 12621

Fantastic Value Artset to get you started in the amazing world of creative Encaustic Art. You will need to get the iron as well but this set has got loads of materials and help to guide you into a fascinating and rewarding activity that involves you in an artistic experience without ever needing to have any "painting" skills.
The ARTSET contains all the materials in a colourful box.
You receive 16 carefully selected, bright and beautiful Encaustic Wax Colours :

Blue Green #08
Red Violet #12
Rust Brown #13
Yellow Brown #14
White #16
Gold #25
Silver #26
Clear Wax Medium #27
Neon Pink #37
Neon Yellow #39
Bright Red # 43
Mid Yellow #44
Sage Green #45
Cyan Blue # 46
Indigo #47
Purple #48
40 x A6 painting cards (approx size 148mm x 105mm)
20 x A5 painting cards (approx size 148mm x 210mm)
10 x A4 painting cards (approx size 297mm x 210mm)
24 sheets of A5 coloured card - 4 each Red, Cream, Black, Gold, Silver, Copper.
32 page colour Quick Guide detailing all the full product range and offers a quick start with an overview of developmental possibilities too.
A Metal Scribing Tool for sgraffito (scratching & scraping techniques).

Ref: 99532000

  Price: 37.98 (Including VAT at 20%)