Tracedown wax free tracing transfer pack 5 x Graphite A3

Tracedown wax free tracing transfer pack 5 x Graphite A3

Ref: 12662

5 Graphite grey/black

5 x A3 sheet Tracedown ( 420 x 297 mm or 16"x12" Approximately)

Wax free Graphite Tracing Down Paper by Paperwave

Tracedown presents a simple and quick way to copy images, and can be used many times to transfer your image to paper.

The charcoal grey graphite tracedown is ideal for use with white paper while the white and yellow Trace down are perfect for dark paper projects.

Blue Tracedown is for non-photographic for keylines, mechanicals and paste-ups.
Red Tracedown is easy to use on mixed light and dark surfaces.

Place one sheet of wax free transfer paper between the image and your paper and simply trace over the outline. You'll be painting your picture in no time!

Tracedown can be used for transferring designs onto cloth and also dressmaking. Use a standard tracing wheel to trace the pattern. It is safe for marking on all fabrics including synthetics such as polyester and bleached fibres. The tracing dots will not melt into the material when ironed and may easily be sponged off if desired. The tracing wheel does not cause Tracedown to crack apart and it outlasts many other dressmaker tracing papers many times over.

Manufacturer: Tracedown Artcoe