Cotman Watercolour 45 half pan

Cotman Watercolour 45 half pan

Ref: 2653

Contents :
45 Cotman Half Pans

which includes the full range of cotman colours

lemon yellow hue, cadmium yellow pale hue, gamboge hue, cadmium yellow hue, cadmium orange hue, cadmium red pale hue, cadmium red hue, cadmium red deep hue, alizarin crimson hue (x2), permanent rose, rose madder hue, purple lake, mauve, dioxazine violet, ultramarine (x2), cobalt blue hue, cerulean blue hue, intense blue (phthalo hue), prussion blue, indigo, turquoise, intense green (phthalo green), viridian hue, emerald, hooker's green dark, hooker's green light, sap green, raw sienna, yellow ochre (x2), raw umber, burnt sienna, light red, indian red, burnt umber, vandyke brown, sepia, payne's gray, ivory black (x2), lamp black, chinese white (x2).

Inside of lid and cover can also be used as a palette

Manufacturer: Winsor & Newton

Ref. 2653

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