Treasure Gold Wax Gilt 25gm

Treasure Gold Wax Gilt 25gm

Ref: 2938

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1 x pot 25 gm

100 Classic original 23 carat gold colour
102 Florentine medium classic gold to match Italian gold leaf
103 Renaissance warm deep antique gold colour
104 Silver plate / silver leaf
106 Brass palest lemon tones of early brass
113 Copper colour of well cleaned copper which will deepen with time
114 Pewtersoft cool glow of antique pewter

Non tarnishing wax gilt is ideal for restoring gold leaf and decorating almost any surface.
Apply with finger or soft cloth
May be thinned with turpentine.
An effective finish for use on carved and ornamental furniture, frames, mouldings, decorative ceilings, lamps, figurines and objects. When dry can be buffed with a soft cloth or toned down with a used shoe polish brush

Manufacturer: Conoisseur Studio

Ref. 2937