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Treasure sealer exterior outside hard varnish 60 ml

Treasure sealer exterior outside hard varnish 60 ml

Ref: 3173

1 x bottle 60 ml

This product is specifically made as a protective coating for liquid leaf, treasure gold and jewels. It is waterproof, clear and non-yellowing and also provides an excellent exterior hard varnish, it performs like a cushion under paint , absorbing the blows which causes paint to chip.
Can be used on fabric, prints, ceramics (non-fired), plastic, leather furniture, wallpaper and straw.
Can also be used as a protective sealer over gilded surfaces to prevent gold paint and gilding from tarnishing.
Drying time 30 minutes.
Liquid Leaf is a gilding paint that contains its own red primmer and a film of lustrous gold, pre-mixed into a single liquid.
An effective finish for use on carved and ornamental furniture, frames, mouldings, decorative ceilings, lamps, figurines and objects.
Flows easily onto the surface with no brush marks, forming a beautiful lustrous finish that resembles traditional gold leaf.
It is so controllable, it can be used with a striping brush or ruling pen for fine lines and scrolls.
When dry can be buffed with a soft cloth or toned down with a used shoe polish brush

Manufacturer: Conoisseur Studio