Special Effects Acrylic Set

Special Effects Acrylic Set

Ref: 3346

Contents: 5 x 75ml tube set

1 x Pearlescent Tinting Medium
1 x Impasto gel Medium Gloss
1 x Impasto gel Medium Matt
1 x Glaze Medium Gloss
1x Gel Retarder

Cryla Impasto gel Medium Gloss and Matt provide a cost effective alternative for large area coverage. The colours become more transparent and glossy as more medium is added to the colour. Drying times will be slowed down,significantly, and it may take a day or more for the full gloss to develop.

Cryla Pearlescent Tinting Medium gives a shimmering pearlescent metallic lustre when mixed with pure Cryla colour. In its own the medium dries to an attractive off-white pinkish pearlised colour. The medium works well on white surfaces as well as darker surfaces.The medium is heavy bodied which when mixed with Cryla colour will retain the same consistency as the pure colour. Mixtures will result in paler transparent tints of the pure colour.

Cryla Glaze Medium (Gloss) - A white translucent cream which increases the flow and transparency of Cryla colur to facilitate the production of fine glazes which will dry to a gloss finish. Drying times will be retarded and transparency and gloss will develop fully as the colour dries Used as an adhesive Glaze Medium is ideal for collage and craft work such as decoupage onto wood,board, or even flat stone.When using masking tape for hard edge glaze medium can be used to prevent colour seepage and helps produce perfect edges.

Cryla Gel Retarder 60ml - 127 020 009

Slows down the drying time of Cryla colour. Gel Retarder is added directly to the paint and thoroughly mixed on the palette.Increasing proportions of retarder to colour will increase transparency and reduce the viscosity of the colour.

Manufacturer: Daler~Rowney

Ref. 3346

128 900 100

  Price: 20.48 (Including VAT at 20%)