Winsor Newton 8 Drawing Inks William Set

Winsor Newton 8 Drawing Inks William Set

Ref: 5352

William Set 95721

8 x 14ml bottles ink

Sunshine Yellow
Deep Red
Brilliant Green
Peat Brown
Black Indian Ink

Formulated from a series of soluble dyes in a superior shellac solution Winsor & Newton drawing inks can be applied with brush, airbrush or dip pen (but not fountain pens due to the shellac binder) and are widely used by designers, illustrators, artists and calligraphers. The 26 colours in the range offer outstanding brilliance and transparency. Colours are intermixable and can be diluted with distilled water. Because they contain dyes, which do not possess the lightfast properties of pigmented colours, drawing inks are not intended for display in lighted areas.

Ref. 5352