Ron Ranson Hake watercolour wash brush

Ron Ranson Hake watercolour wash brush

Ref: 4157

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long wooden handle 26 cm 10.5"
small head 25mm 1"
medium head 30mm 1 1/4"
large head 45mm 1 3/4"
extra large head 60 mm 2 1/4" approximately

These brushes are sold throughout the country to artists who wish to emulate the unique technique of Ron Ranson who paints in the ‘fast and loose’ manner. His many books and videos are available through bookshops. The hair used in the manufacture of these hakes is goat, so please clean in cold water, otherwise there might be a tendency to shrink.

The traditional Oriental hake is a short flat brush made with goat hair and a flat handle. It is used as a general wash brush and leaves minimal hair tracks.

Manufacturer: Pro Arte

Ref. 4157


  Price: 7.48 (Including VAT at 20%)

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