Cryla Acrylic 8 x 75ml Classic set

Cryla Acrylic 8 x 75ml Classic set

Ref: 5042

Contents :
8 x 75ml tubes of Cryla Artists Acrylic colour

Cryla Artists Heavy Body Acrylic colours are characterised by their thick buttery consistency, their uniform eggshell finish across all the colours in the range and their minimal colour shift from wet to dry in the development of Cryla. Daler-Rowney took the industry standards ASTM D5098 set by the American Society for Testing and Materials as their yardstick - and improved on them at every stage of manufacture. Cryla Artists Heavy Body colours are designed to retain the intended stroke when applied with a knife or brush, so they are ideal for highly textured impasto painting techniques

Manufacturer: Daler~Rowney

Ref. 5042

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