Hot Press Langton Tear out Pad

Hot Press Langton Tear out Pad

Ref: 4433

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Contents :

HP smooth Tearout Watercolour pad of 12 sheets

Landscape format

(12 sheets) 300g/m ( 140 lb ) acid free watercolour paper Hot Press smooth surface

Artists for many years have appreciated the qualities of the Langton.The paper is colour stable,mould made and acid free. The best watercolour papers are acid free to prevent the deterioration of paint and to preserve the integrity of the paper over time.The paper has a 'NOT'surface(sometimes known as cold pressed)which is in between the roughest and smoothes texture ( hot press ) of papers.This makes it a very versatile paper popular for watercolour and linewash work.It can also be used for pastels.inks,designers gouache and acrylics.

acid free.

Manufacturer: Daler Rowney

Ref. 4433

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  Price: 6.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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