Fimo Kids Soft Pony Set 4 colours

Fimo Kids Soft Pony Set 4 colours

Ref: 4656


4 half blocks of 25g

Step by step instructions to make the models shown

easy & creative!

Now even smoother and softer

No laborious kneading

Ready to use

Brilliant colours

Easy to blend


FIMO soft standard blocks are segmented into 8 portions, making it very easy to blend the colours.
E.g. By blending
3 parts yellow (-10) with 5 parts pink (-22) you get a warm red colour. It's just as easy to make colours lighter or darker - all you have to do is to add black (-9) or white (-0).

Manufacturer: Staedtler Eberhard Faber Fimo

  Price: 7.98 (Including VAT at 20%)