Pearl white Resin Gedeo 150ml

Pearl white Resin Gedeo 150ml

Ref: 8863

Two component epoxy resin system: resin and hardener. Gédéo Pearl resins add a pearly
touch to your creations.
Use: Creating in volume, moulding of decorative objects, decorative borders for frames,
tableware, subjects to mould, jewellery, barrettes, marbling techniques ...
Surfaces: glass, pottery, metal, silicone, painted wood, plastic, decorative moulding
Hardening time: Surface: 12 h To the core: 24h
Conservation: 6 months in closed jar after opening.
Ideal storage temperature: 15°C to 25°C. Protect from freezing.
Cleaning: soap and water.
Packaging : 150 ml
Applications :
1. Slowly mix the pearl resin A in order to put the pearl of the product in
2. In a dry and clean recipient begin by pouring 1 dose of Pearl Hardener B
followed by 2 doses of Pearl Resin A.
3. Mix well the two components all the way to the corners of the recipient
(incomplete mixing does not guarantee the hardening, mixing too strongly
can create the appearance of bubbles). Transfer the mixture into a second
recipient and mix again to ensure homogeneity of the resin and optimum
4. Pour into the surface of your choice.
5. Allow to dry 24 hours. The hardening is progressive and varies with the
room temperature.
Gédéo tips:
- To see how much of each component and not waste the product, fill the
mould to be used with water and pour into a measuring cup: a third of the
volume for the hardener and two thirds for the resin. Dry the mould and
the measuring cup before pouring the pearl resin.
- To give an appearance of shine to your projects, use the Gédéo GLOSS +
varnish or Gédéo crystal resin in
thin coats.
- To allow the shaping of your creation (example: paste your moulding
around a bottle ...) you can unmold after 12 hours of drying. The complete
hardening occurs after 24 hours.
- To acheive beautiful marbling effects, use pearl resins with Gédéo colour
Precautions :
- Avoid contact with skin and eyes, wear gloves.
- Do not mix the Gédéo Pearl resin components with components from
Gédéo glaze resin.
- Gédéo resins are not approved for food contact.
- Do not exceed 150ml of crystal resin preparation per mix.

Manufacturer: Gedeo

Ref 8863


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