Gold wire 9ct for Silverpoint 1mm thickness

Gold wire 9ct for Silverpoint 1mm thickness

Ref: 9103

Contents : 1 wire 2.5 inch 60 + mm

Designed for the achievement of fine, detailed lines, Silverpoint / Drawing Ground is permanent, lightfast and more flexible over time than traditional preparations.

Formulated to meet the unique needs of metal point artists, GOLDEN Silverpoint / Drawing Ground offers a metal receptive ground, applicable to a range of drawing supports. Developed for easy application, the ground has a very fluid consistency that will level as it dries. A Single coat of Silverpoint / Drawing Ground provides a smooth, durable surface, ideal for mark making with a silverpoint stylus or other metal, such as brass, gold, copper, or even a steel paperclip.

While many artists enjoy the fineness of line and delicate qualities achieved with a metal stylus on Silverpoint / Drawing Ground, the scope of this product should not be limited to a singular use. When used as a general drawing ground, other media may be intermixed with metal point drawing or used alone to create new effects. It is possible to adjust the absorbent qualities of substrates with Silverpoint / Drawing Ground. By putting a very thin layer of Silverpoint / Drawing Ground over the entire surface, the substrate's absorbency is decreased. This allows greater fineness of line with diverse drawing media such as graphite, colored pencil, ink, and some markers. In addition, small amounts of other GOLDEN Fluid Acrylic colors can be added to this ground for tinting purposes without a significant drop in performance.

Silverpoint, or metal point, drawing as an art form has changed little over the centuries of its distinguished history. The artist working in silverpoint today has an intimate connection to the work of such revered artists as da Vinci and Rembrandt, as well as more recently, Picasso and Joseph Stella. As tiny particles of metal are left behind on a slightly abrasive ground, metal point drawing offers the ability to achieve lasting, exquisitely detailed lines that won't smudge. If different types of metal are used within a piece, over time oxidation of the different metals will impart subtle shifts in the tonality of the lines

Manufacturer : Robersons

Ref 7474

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